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It All Makes Sense: Things To Think About

This book is a memoir, but it is also a flashlight. With all its contradictions, turmoil and other sources of confusion, making sense of this life is a big challenge. The title boldly proclaims that life does make sense, and then proceeds to shine light through the darkness and despair onto a bedrock of truth and hope.

When is a memoir half a very accessible philosophical essay and half a very challenging call to Christian service? When “It All Makes Sense,” the new memoir from Parker Wayland.   For someone who was never exactly lost, Parker remains a seeker to the core.   He delights in the hard questions, never opting for the easy answers, but always choosing to live life and love life with a resounding Yes!   This book reveals a head for the deep things of the universe, a heart for the people of the planet, and hands and feet always at the ready for real service.

  • Lee Magness, Professor Emeritus, Milligan College


Parker Wayland’s “It All Makes Sense” is a rich memoir of spiritual growth.  He bears witness to the power of faith and shows the ways in which his life has been guided.

  • John Lachs, Centennial Professor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University